When there is nothing important to say, make something up

I’m still feeling so unmotivated regarding any work for school. The 60 hour workweek is looming overhead right now! I worked for four hours this morning and was asked to stay since I was on call, but luckily the other girl who was on call had also worked the same hours as me this morning and she wanted to stay. I had planned on coming home to start my day full of studying, but met up with Crista instead for some lunch. After our lunch, we headed over to the mall so she could return a shirt. We stopped at Lululemon and I was carrying a shirt to buy it but talked myself out of it. I love their shirts, but I only buy two things from there: their speed shorts (which I don’t even work out in because I wear Nike Pro shorts 24/7- but those are the exact ones I tried on and of course, I loved them) and their swiftly shirts (also the same color I tried on). I love those shirts! They are so perfect, but they’re also stupid expensive. Since I have told myself 10,000 times that I need to wait to buy running shoes until I get paid next week, I really can’t spend $68 on a shirt that I’m not even going to wear until it gets colder!

Speaking of working out (or clothes), I wanted to do legs today at the gym, but I need to study. So I didn’t. Oh well. I did go grocery shopping while I was extremely tired and was feeling not very great after my way too sweet mocha and it was probably the worst trip of my life. I couldn’t think about what food I needed at all and looked at sauces for my chicken for a good 15 minutes and then didn’t even buy any. Then I tried to go to my car and stood there wondering where the key hole on my trunk was for like, 2 minutes before realizing that it wasn’t my car. It was the exact same other then the key hole and was in the same spot in the parking lot, just one aisle over. So I came home and napped for 20 minutes cause that’s just not okay. There were even people in their cars on both sides of the car that wasn’t mine. They saw me.

I was getting really excited about getting paid next week (to buy shoes, back to that topic), but I have to pay for my shower repair and my tag fees next week. My mom is the primary signer on my car so I could get 0.9% financing on it when I bought it back in 2011, so I pay my tag fee on her birthday. I think I’m going to make my mom the primary signer for the rest of my life because I feel like it takes away from your birthday to have to drop like, $150-$200 on your car. I hope she’s okay with that. Thanks Mom. I actually completely forgot about it, but Jon turns 30 on Saturday and he was talking about doing the tags for his Jeep and I remembered that mine are due too. I’m still buying shoes next week though. I’ll be fast like a gazelle. I’m kidding. I’ll still be slow.

I really wanted to do something special for Jon’s 30th birthday, but I have no idea what to do. Adam is coming home from Italy this Friday because his wedding is next weekend (can’t wait!!!), so Jon will be out of town this weekend for the bachelor party. Then next weekend is the wedding. The following weekend I work. I was hoping to do something the weekend after, but Jon wants to go hunting and since there’s limited time for that, I told him to hunt instead. I usually go all out on his birthday, but not this year. Sorry 30. You had bad timing this year. Guess we’ll do something big in January, when it’s all cold and miserable.

I did stay 35 minutes late at work today to talk about travel nursing. I’m trying to recruit a buddy to go with me. And in doing so, I have realized how lucky I am that Jon is 100% supportive of me leaving him for a year to do travel nursing. I’m also lucky that he will live in my house and watch my cats (however, in 3 weeks, it’ll be his house and his cats too, lucky man). I’m getting really excited about travel nursing though! It’s such an awesome way to see the country and get paid to do it! I’m hoping that I make a decent amount of money and can take Jon and I to Italy next December for a Christmas trip with Adam and Jessie, but who knows. It’ll be the last shabang before going to grad school and living in a poor, miserable hell for three years.

Mmkay, I should probably go study for this biology test that I have on Tuesday. I’m rambling and had nothing important to even say, but everything seems so important when you have school stuff to do.




2 thoughts on “When there is nothing important to say, make something up

  1. OH 30 is a big one. I bet pinterest has ideas…I was not an obsesser until I became funemployed and it’s helped me solve lots of random life issues. I have so many colors (probably every color) of the nike pro shorts. Heck I even sleep in them sometimes.

    I can’t wait to see how your shoe endeavor goes!

    • Hah I love pinterest! But there just isn’t time to do anything special! I think we may just go out to eat one weeknight, but we both have work and school and he has softball during the week so it’s difficult! I have a TON of the regular Nike running shorts cause I wore only those for a long time, but I’ve been wearing the spandex for awhile. I have probably 5 pairs, but I want more! I’ve just been feeling cheap lately so haven’t bought any! And Nike has this $48 tank top that I want SO BAD! It’s soooo soft and fits amazing. I’m really picky about what I wear to work out in (especially with CrossFit cause clothes can’t be baggy or they get in the way), so I have all Nike Pro shorts and ALL Under Armour tank tops cause they don’t have built in bras and I like the fit.

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