Longest run so far!

This day actually ended up being surprisingly productive. I imagine I could have gotten a little more biology done, but I did manage to finish all my reading and my online assignment for the class. I was having a hard time focusing though since we’re into genetics and I don’t understand half of it yet.

I ended up getting a later start out of my house today because I decided to take a quick nap. I wasn’t in the mood to run at all but figured I would head to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things and then go run. I changed my mind and went to my usual spot, which is my favorite. There are hardly any mile markers at all and I really prefer that. As I was pulling in, I really thought about just leaving and heading to Wal-Mart and skipping the run but decided not to.

I still haven’t bought new shoes yet (one day, guys, one day) so I was running in my Minumus shoes. The last run I did was last week and I felt awful on that run. I think I ran 4 full miles and then pretty much quit. It was my first run walking so far. So I wasn’t expecting much out of this run.

I started out and felt a little off at first, but figured I’d just give it a few minutes. I ended up feeling perfectly fine for awhile. Just my usual tired, but nothing major. I did notice that I had zero pain in my knee! I did have my typical pain inside my ankles (I’m flat footed) but that never concerns me because it goes away as soon as I quit running every single time.

I got to my usual turn around point and was still feeling good, so I kept running. I ran to the end of that road, which seemed like a mile total. Then I ran down the side road I did on my last 6 mile run (my longest run up until today). I knew I was going to have my longest run so far and was pretty excited! Once I hit mile 5ish, at least I assume, my knee started hurting. It was minimal for a mile or so and I just kind of stretched it out during the run. After that, it was really pretty painful. I probably would have stopped under normal circumstances, but I knew I was only 1.5 miles tops from my car and cardio wise, I felt great! So I just pushed it even though I’m typically against that, but I also feel fairly aware of the pain that I shouldn’t push because of CrossFit, and I didn’t really feel like this would be dangerous.

I ended up finishing exactly 8 miles in 1:15:38, so 9:27 per mile. However, I was so annoyed because for some reason, my phone has completely quit calculating my splits! The last few runs, the MapMyRunGirl would still verbally tell me my splits but they wouldn’t save to my app. But this time, nothing! I have turned on my splits on the app but it still isn’t working! I don’t get it! I have a feeling my first two miles were my fastest this time, which is unusual for me. Probably in the high 8s. Whatever.

And so now my knee hurts. Mostly just walking down the steps on my porch to take out my recycling tonight, but I’m sure I’ll feel it tomorrow. But I doubt I’ll do any sort of longer run (or probably any running at all, really) until after next Tuesday, so I have more than week to rest. I’ll get my new shoes next week too.

After my run, I grabbed some barbecue and sweet potatoes from Cue, the best barbecue ever in metro Atlanta. Then I went to see Jim since I hadn’t seen him in awhile. I do miss hanging out with him for sure, but he lives a little far! He’s always so positive and just fun to be around. I scooped up Kitty from my parent’s and hung out with my mom for a bit and then came home and read even more biology.

Jon has been hard at work on his precalc, so not much fun at home for us tonight! But I’m heading to bed in hopes of waking up early tomorrow and getting a bunch of studying done and I never made it to Wal-Mart or grocery shopping tonight!


2 thoughts on “Longest run so far!

  1. I’m glad you had a great run! That’s a pretty long distance and a good pace~ sometimes the good ones come when you least expect it and that’s always fun. I hope your knee feels better soon, hopefully the shoes will take care of that (I totally understand having to wait until you get paid to get them, too… but at least you’ll get paid soon and can get there).

    • I really hope so! I’ve had problems in the past with it (unrelated to running), but I’d be happy if it’s an easy fix! But I made it 5 miles tonight without pain, so maybe the longer I run, the less it’ll bother me? Who knows! I definitely do better when I don’t expect it and I think the last run where I walked, the mile markers got me. I hate seeing every single .1 miles! It feels SO LONG that way!!!!

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