Weekend: Work, pumpkin carving, Walking Dead

I’m really not even sure how to start off about this weekend! Saturday was a bit of a waste! I studied all morning and then decided to go to the gym, but once I got to the gym I had no motivation. Costco and LA Fitness are in the same parking lot and Jon happened to be at Costco, so I asked if he wanted to head over to a Chili Cookoff with me just down the road for a little bit. Unfortunately, after paying the $20 fee to get in, we got into an argument and headed back home.

I ended up just taking a nap and going into work from 7p-3a. It was an extremely slow night at work and a lot of people went home, but I wasn’t one of them! I actually didn’t even leave until 3:30 in the morning because lab had messed up the urine results on my one patient, and then we finally got those at 3:10 and I had to wait on the doctor to bring back the prescription. I know staying late is really just part of nursing a lot of times, but I hate staying more than 20 minutes after my shift unless there’s a good reason (like I get a patient having a heart attack at 6:55pm or something), especially when it’s 3:30 in the morning and I’m tired!

Jon and I got a bit of a later start on Sunday. I managed to get up at 11 even though I hadn’t gone to bed till after 5. I studied a bit more, went to the gym and did 20 minutes on the elliptical, biceps, and triceps. I had a pretty good workout. I was only there for maybe just over an hour, but I had stuff to get done and plans for the evening. I’m sore today though so at least I know I did something productive! I also saw a guy deadlifting at the gym which I hadn’t seen yet and thought maybe people just didn’t do that at the regular gym, but now I’m really excited for another leg day!

I haven’t done any running lately. I tried last weekend to do a 7 mile run, but my knee started killing me and I was so thirsty. Runners, what do you drink on your run?! Do you carry a water bottle with you? I try to hydrate regularly but can’t drink a ton if I plan on running for more than 45 minutes or so because my bladder is so small and I pee all the time! I also need to go find new running shoes, but haven’t yet. I really want to get a lot of running in but it’s so hard with working full time, being in school, and trying to maintain any sort of relationship. I shouldn’t even be blogging now. I have so much to clean around the house and I’m six chapters behind in studying for biology, plus I have a presentation due on Thursday and I have my computer science homework to do… And I need to grocery shop. And pick up my cat (Fluff, she’s been there while Tom is healing) from my parent’s and I’m supposed to see my friend Jim while I’m up in the town my parents live in. And hopefully work out today. I was going to try and go to CrossFit, but I’m feeling highly unmotivated at this very moment, so maybe I’ll run instead. It looks like a beautiful day out.

Anyway, so last night I went pumpkin carving with my friends. I had to beg Jon to come with me but I think he actually ended up having a decent time. Thankfully, all the boyfriends love baseball so they talked about who will be coming back to play for the Braves next year and Jon actually ended up carving a pretty nice pumpkin. Once pumpkin carving was over, Jon and I went to Bottle Rocket (an Asian fusion restaurant downtown) because they have an official Walking Dead viewing party. It was packed out and Jon and I ended up sharing one bar stool (luckily I’m small and the stools were bigger than normal). I’d never seen the show but I actually liked it. He goes to Bottle Rocket religiously for the viewing party, but I don’t know if I’d go back. We had to get there so early for a seat and I could just save my money and watch it from home.

Alright, time to go get my million things done for the day. I’ll leave off with a few pictures!




I don’t know why these pictures come out blurry on here and so small. Ain’t nobody got time to figure that out.

4 thoughts on “Weekend: Work, pumpkin carving, Walking Dead

  1. First, get a pair of running shoes. 95% of knee problems come from not wearing running shoes that work for you. I would honestly say go to a running store and have them look at your stride and foot and they can tell you what would work/doesn’t. After that running becomes 100% easier I swear.

    As far as water, I tend to do loops around my house so can get water if needed (and pee if need too). I’d rather do two loops of 5 miles and be able to stop then go out and back 5 miles.

    I can’t even imagine having the schedule you have seriously. If I am up past 11pm and don’t get 8 hours of sleep I get grumpy.

    • I know I need to get shoes! I was going to last weekend (where they fit you) but my $700 vet bill and $600 car insurance in one week was enough to make me not want to spend any money! I plan on getting them after my neck paycheck! I hate loops. I like out and back. I know it’s a mind thing, but if I ever stopped in my house, I doubt I’d go back out! I don’t like running THAT much yet! The schedule at work is rough (ask Jon, haha). I don’t do well with changing my sleep hours, but I’m making a couple extra hundred dollars a month more and technically working less hours, so until my home remodeling is finished, I’m sticking with it!

  2. Def get the shoes like Hollie said- go to a specialty running store and get fitted! Seriously, I can’t stress this enough. I have so many friends who bought shoes at Finish Line or Dick’s Sporting Goods and they didn’t work, at least going to a running store you can probably get fitted by someone who actually runs. At Dick’s, the workers deal with everything from shoes to guns to sports bras. Also the prices at a specialty shop are about the same and they take returns and usually stand by the shoes 100%. Once you get fitted and buy your shoes there, if you need more you can usually just order that same model online (but if you get fitted at a shop, do buy the shoes. It gets on my nerves when people go, take up the clerk’s time in the shop, then go buy shoes on Amazon… not good for small businesses).

    I saw your pumpkin carving pics and they were so cute :). Seems more like Fall there than here, I guess it never feels like Fall living on the coast though and Charleston is.

    If you sit water near your house and can run by and get it, that’s a really good option. I have some friends who do hand helds or fuel belts, but I don’t. I can’t stand the weight of the belt and the sloshing- that just makes me have to pee more! Our long runs have water along the route at golf courses so that helps, and I know where all the water fountains are downtown and definitely use them!

    • There is a shop I bought my compression socks at (for rope climbing, never wore them running) that I can go to, I just need payday! And I’ll buy them from the store! I don’t like buying things online! We don’t have water fountains anywhere 😦 I thought about buying the tiny water bottles and throwing them away during the run so I at least have water for a little while. I need to figure it all out!

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