Work, relationships, cats, oh my!

I really need to be productive today but am failing miserably! I have lost all motivation to do any biology. It’s fall! I go into can’t-do-anything-but-want-to-go-outside mode in the fall and spring. I got Tom declawed and fixed on Monday and last night he was bleeding a lot and kind of lethargic, so I was really worried about him. Instead of getting up early this morning, I slept in until 10 and cuddled with him. I wanted to go to the gym right after getting up, but he peed in the guest bathroom so I ended up cleaning that up (hopefully because the litter was hurting his paws! this better not be his new thing). Also, did you know that if you declaw all four paws, get your cat fixed, and buy 8 months of flea treatments, your bill will be close to $700? Me either.

I spent two hours at the gym. Had every intention of at least doing 30 minutes on the elliptical but made it 14 minutes. I did have a good leg and shoulder workout though. I am starting to get a little more comfortable at the gym. Since I’ve been CrossFitting, I don’t have much experience at globo gyms other than my year in Iraq, where I had a workout buddy every time I went. So this is really hard for me to be in a gym where I’m not comfortable. I know CrossFit. I know clean and jerks and pull ups and deadlifts and handstand pushups and everything else. I can walk into any CrossFit gym and be comfortable. But doing free weights and using machines is just not my thing. I do it because I have to stay in shape, but it’s taking me a long time to really break out of my comfort zone at the gym. I have been doing squats for awhile and finally used free weights for shoulders today, so I’m making progress.

I came home and made breakfast/lunch. Then started watching CatFish. Then read a private blog of one of my favorite public bloggers, which made me feel like I needed to stop neglecting my blogs. Now I’m going to go to the pool and hopefully make it back in time to study before going to have coffee with Laura tonight and making steaks for dinner with Jon (it’s been so long since we’ve had a steak night!).

Also, Jon has decided to move in. I need to work on a million house projects before he moves in and have zero time. But I’m excited that he’ll be here officially (since he’s unofficially been living here- hasn’t stayed at his house in FOREVER). We may or may not have gotten me sized for rings last weekend. I should finish our love story eventually. But I feel overwhelmed lately but how lucky I am. I think both of us are equally surprised at how amazing this relationship is going and I can’t get over how awesome it is that he is my best friend. My friends have expressed their surprise at us talking about marriage since we’ve only “officially” been back together for a month or so, but we spent three years together, lived together, and have been spending time together since February. And we went to Europe together. I’m huge on waiting to get engaged! People who get married after 6 months are insane! But this isn’t our first rodeo. I have no idea when the proposal is coming, but I’m not in a big hurry. I’m just enjoying things right now!

It’s beeeautiful outside these days. Love the weather!

Next week starts a 60 hour work week for me. I’ve had a much better attitude about work lately. My attitude at work and with my patients is pretty stellar anyway, but my enthusiasm for my job is less than stellar. For sure. And I’ve noticed that I’m feeling much better about work than I used to, which I attribute to my 4 and 8 hour workdays. I rarely work 12s anymore (I think I have 4 or 5 total this month). I am hoping to get a few more hours in November and December by hitting up the full timers for their hours when they take vacation. So far, I’m up to 24 hours for November, so maybe I’ll be able to get some more money next month!

My house is such a disaster. Jon has definitely been pitching in more, but somehow he still seems to have so much shit lying around. Drives me insane. Really, when I say it’s a disaster, it’s probably still more in order than like, 80% of other people’s houses. But I hate stuff all over the place. Like, your socks don’t go on the living room floor, okay?! They go in the HAMPER! And “doing laundry” means putting it in the dryer too. Not leaving it in the washer for two days until I find it. I definitely let these things go easier this time around. I’ve accepted that Jon is amazing at some things (he did bring me flowers and clean my kitchen), but his laundry will usually be found by the couch, where he takes his clothes off when he comes home at the end of a day.

This is long and I’m rambling. I’m going to to go to the pool and enjoy the last few weeks of sunshine before freezing cold weather sets in.


2 thoughts on “Work, relationships, cats, oh my!

  1. Eek for the cat’s vet bill. It’s so crazy :(. The sad thing is that people won’t pay for those things when they really need to and we end up with crazy amounts of animals in shelters.

    You know, I kind of feel the same way in the gym and that’s why I do BodyPump. I’m comfortable lifting weights but way more comfortable doing it with other people. I used to do CrossFit occasionally and I was comfortable doing those weight exercises in their gym but you can’t just go break out a WOD in “Anytime Fitness” or Gold’s. I’d rather just go to Pump classes anyway, it’s pretty fun and a full body workout like CrossFit, only much shorter weights and a lot more predictable. CrossFit here is crazy expensive and I just can’t afford that. Even before I moved down, I liked the occasional WOD but it was never something I wanted to do every day.

    Good luck with getting all your projects and stuff done before Jon moves in. My husband also leaves his clothes in the dryer for days sometimes, ugh! But, I’ve been married to him long enough, I just pick my battles… and take em out.

    • Haha I have learned to do that too with the laundry and most other things as well. But it stills annoys me. Can’t help it! CrossFit is super expensive everywhere! I have only done a spin class at the gym but should look into Body Pump (we have it at LA Fitness too). I feel like the more I start going outside my comfort zone with lifting though, the easier it’ll be to do it all the time and just be fine with it. I’ll get there one day! Or just go back to CrossFit 🙂

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