Sunday Afternoon!

I’m feeling a little guilty for sitting down at the computer instead of doing biology or cleaning my house (cleaning the car had to get put on hold till I have time to make it to my parent’s house). I did end up going out to have a midnight meal with Crista last night at R. Thomas in Buckhead. The food was really good but it was way more expensive that I was expecting ($13 for a whole order of french toast, $1.19 to add cheese!, and $3.99 for bacon). I had a half order of french toast and an egg (no cheese, because I know cheese does not cost $1.19).  I ended up feeling horrible afterwards, but I had been feeling a little sick before from my chicken pot pie leftovers from Alison’s Place. Anyway, the point of that was that I ended up going to bed around 2:30 and did not manage to drag myself out of bed at 8am like I was planning, so my day hasn’t been as productive as I was hoping.

I spent all morning making crockpot chicken and broccoli and I was going to make these nice sweet potato things I found on pinterest (this would have made a good reality vs pinterest post, but I didn’t photo document it), but instead made some nice sweet potato hash. And of course made bacon for breakfast, which was sadly undercooked for my liking. Not even sure how that happened cause I’m a master bacon chef.

Today I ran 2.02 miles in 17:55. Not too bad. I can’t wait till my cold is done with so I can stop snotting my entire run. I haven’t had any knee pains during my shorter runs at all, so on my next full day off (next Saturday), I think I’m going to try and go for another 5-6 miler and see how I feel. Then I went to the gym to do some legs. I did 20 back squats at 95# and my poor legs were shaking. 95# used to be nothing! Then I did a few leg machines and then did 3 sets of 10 walking lunges with a 50# barbell on my back. I seriously thought I was going to die. That’s pathetic for me. This older guy told me he was impressed at that I have a strong body and I should keep it up. It’s hard to gracefully accept compliments on lifting at the gym now because I feel so weak compared to this time last year. I used to do WODs with 80#s overhead, so to just be shaky when I’m doing lunges with 50# on my back is sad. I know I’m small and for some reason, it impresses people to see me lift anything (it’s not that cool, guys), but I’m just not where I like my body to be. I was looking at pictures of the Grand Canyon last night (I went in July of 2012) and I was just a solid little thing. It’s tough to work full time, go to school, do homework, try and improve on running, and still have time to lift though… Lifting gets shafted first.

I’m so ready for Jon to get home! Unfortunately, I work tonight when he gets back in town, and since I work tonight and tomorrow till 3am, I don’t even think he’s going to spend the night over here. I think he’s actually going to go to his house for the first time in a really long time. I’ll see him on Wednesday night for sure, but five days without him feels like so long! It’s also nice to have my whole house to myself though. I’m definitely the type of person that needs me time. I appreciate time with just my friends and with just myself! And most of all, I appreciate complete silence in my house. I hate having a TV on in the background and I rarely listen to music when I’m at home (sometimes if I’m cooking or cleaning), and Jon is the type of person who always has the TV on. I feel like that makes me sound so old. I’m the girl at work who walks into the breakroom and is like, “That TV is SO loud, can we turn it down?! I just need some peace and quiet!!!”

Anyway, I’m just getting some laundry done now and plan on working on my lab homework for a little bit before taking a nap, showering, eating some dinner, and heading off for my 7p-3a shift! I’m counting down the days till next weekend cause I have all day Saturday off and don’t go in to work until 7p again on Sunday, so I think Jon and I will finally get a chance to go do something outside together! Keep your fingers crossed for a nice weekend!

Oh, and here’s a few pictures…

644065_624710407549689_1728894742_n 734055_624710754216321_1710494219_n

These are two of the cruise pictures. I probably should have uploaded bigger ones, but too late! Sorry guys!


Dinner with Laura at Alison’s Place in Dunwoody on Friday night!


Tom was asleep next to me and I started messing with him. He let all of this happen and purred happily.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon!

  1. Awe it looks like you had a great weekend. You work until 3am? Oh my god, I can’t even imagine that right now. You are seriously awesome.

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