Six mile run & a good test grade!

Jon is out of town this weekend for drill, which has been nice and also kind of lonely! I’m used to having him around! But I also really like my alone time, so it’s been nice to be able to come home and watch what I want to watch on TV and I got ready for work this morning without having to be quiet.

Anyway, the point of this is really more about my run tonight! Since I’ve been back at work, my gym time and running time has been really limited. I haven’t been too upset about the running part of it, but I do wish I had more time to lift! I had noticed that my left knee was starting to really bother me, which now that I’ve been running, I remember that all these aches and pains is one of the reasons I really never got into running in the first place. No matter what shoes I wear, I always hurt. No matter if I POSE run or regular run, I get pains somewhere. I seem to have less knee pain if I don’t POSE run, but a lot more ankle pain. And I have way more knee pain POSE running, but no ankle pain. I wear minimus shoes since I’m really a firm believer in them and have been wearing them for probably three years now, so I don’t even know how it would be to POSE run in a regular shoe and I don’t want to heel strike.

Moving on… It was really nice out tonight, so I was actually really excited to get out there. I wanted to run and go to the gym afterwards, which is what I usually do. Since I haven’t been running lately, I figured I’d run 20 minutes out and 20 minutes back, possibly 25 out and 25 back (I still don’t do distances really, they really cause me to lack motivation, and it’s easier for me to go for a time at this point than a distance). I was a little pissed cause I went to turn my iPod on and realized I must have left it on when I left the gym the other day so I had to run sans iPod.

I started running and by the end of 20 minutes, I decided to do 25 since I was feeling okay. I was at a 10 minute/mile pace and my knee was bothering me, but not really too bad. At 25 minutes, I was almost at 2.5 miles, so I just decided to go for 2.5 miles out so I’d have a 5 mile run. But I saw a side street on my way out and was curious about it, so I went down that road. And I was really feeling good so went way past (like .3 miles, haha) where I was going to turn around. Once I turned around, MapMyRunGirl told me that I had hit 3 miles in 30:11 (I think, she’s hard to hear cause I keep her in my spandex shorts- I need a better system), so I knew I was in for a 6 mile run, which I’ve never done. I also wanted under 60 minutes, so I picked up the pace for miles 4 and 5 and was feeling good. I hit mile 6 and really just wanted to die. The end couldn’t come fast enough! I actually got back to my car at about 5.8 miles (I guess turning down that side road somehow got the mileage off for straight and back) so I finished up till I hit 6 miles.

My splits were:

Mile 1: 9:51
Mile 2: 10:40
Mile 3: 10:06
Mile 4: 8:45 (told you I was feeling good for mile 3)
Mile 5: 8:53 (and mile 4…)
Mile 6: 9:07
Total time: 56:02

And since I started running, these are my total runs:

8-15-13, 4.45 miles in 40:18
8-17-13, 2.83 miles in 28:43
8-26-13, 4.94 miles in 50:14
9-1-13, I ran for 28:44, probably just under 3 miles, but my GPS signal must have gone out cause I know I didn’t run 4.92 miles like MapMyRunGirl said

And that’s my other issue… MapMyRun seems somewhat inaccurate. Mostly just that run on 9-1, but I just questions her sometimes (the girl who talks to me on it). Tonight actually felt like that was true to what she was saying. I increased my pace a lot on miles 4 and 5, so I believe that… But yeah. And then I totally skipped the gym after my run because I needed to come home and study and ran longer than I wanted… only by 10 minutes really, but I’ll lift tomorrow.

For a girl who has always hated running with a passion and never ran more than 3 miles before, I’d say that making it 6 miles in 56 minutes after only doing four other road runs is pretty good. All the rest of it has been on the elliptical, which I haven’t even been doing lately and don’t do for more than about 30 minutes now cause of my knee pain.

Then I got home and decided to start studying, so I logged into my biology website online and saw that our test grades were posted! I got a 94.5%!!!! I seriously didn’t think I made better than a C, so you can imagine my complete shock at that! I literally ran to get my phone from my kitchen to call Jon, but he didn’t answer to share my excitement. Now I just have to pass the stupid lab, which I mess everything up in. I just don’t care about mating fruit flies and looking at leaves under microscopes and creating experiments.

Man, what an exciting Saturday I’ve had (that was sarcasm, despite my awesome run and test grade). I worked from 7a-3p though and then crashed on the couch for close to two hours after. Thankfully Jon called me on his way back to his hotel and woke me up, or I probably would have slept all evening. I love getting off at 3, but my tired time is 3-5pm every single day, so I always just want to take a nap when I get home! I also made spaghetti out of the Asian rice noodles after running and it turned out really well. I still felt like I was getting zero nutritional value which I really hate, especially when I eat at home, but since I’m going on a cruise next week and my time at home until then is so limited, I don’t have much to eat and don’t really care to go grocery shopping.

Okay, time to stop rambling! Have a good night, everybody!

4 thoughts on “Six mile run & a good test grade!

  1. Great job on your run (what is POSE running?). Your paces are improving and that’s really cool. I don’t think any of those apps or GPS watches are fully accurate, every time I race, my friends and I compare watches and the times don’t match up, so yeah. I hope you have fun on your cruise and good luck with work and stuff until then.

    • POSE running is when you run toe to heel, basically. It’s supposed to be the more natural running form. I figured if my phone wasn’t always accurate, a GPS watch wouldn’t be more accurate either. When I did that run that said I went 4 miles in 28 minutes, Jon’s phone said 2.something.

  2. Congratulations both on the running times and the test score! I tend to try to avoid both of those things these days but it’s a nice feeling when they do turn out well.

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