Rambling about daily life

I’ve been fairly busy lately and am sure that it’s only going to get worse. I’ve been working 15-20 hours per week all summer long because of my thumb injury (and NO weekends!!!). Before my trip to Croatia and Italy, I was in the process of finishing up buying a condo and moving, so I stayed busy, clearly. I’ve somehow managed to stay really busy only working 20 hours a week even with no condo buying in the mix. But now that I’ve started classes, it really seems impossible to go back to working 40-50 hours a week and fitting in the life that I’d like to have.

My schedule from September 12th to October 11th is miserable. I am taking two trips so I have to fit my 120 hours of work into the remainder of that schedule, and it’s rough. I also have classes, which means studying and homework. I’ve never had to prepare to go to lab, but my lab is pretty time consuming even outside of the class time.

I’ve been much much much happier and way less stressed (obviously) than when I was working more. After October 11th, once this schedule period is over, I really need to figure out a way to schedule myself so I can actually enjoy life too. I work hard so I can take big trips, and now I’m working hard to save for grad school and do home improvements, as well as putting money back into savings after three months of severely decreased pay and a lot of expenses. But after having all this time off, maybe it’s just not worth it anymore to bust my ass at a job that I only 65% like, just to take huge trips once a year… Maybe the 10 hours of overtime just really isn’t worth my sanity.This is what happens when I start a blog with no direction. I ramble (which is 100% true to life).

I’ve been busy with class since it started. I’m not the oldest one in class, but I definitely am older than the majority of people there. I was appalled by the skirts barely covering vaginas and bellies all hanging out when I was at the bookstore. All the kids in my class are talking about what they want to be when they grow up: doctors, vets, biologist, etc. I’m just like, heeey I’m 27 and taking this to get my bachelor’s and don’t like my job… You probably shouldn’t get into healthcare, btdubs. It sucks. (Not every nurse thinks that… Just most of us, haha. Kidding. Kind of.) My mind just doesn’t comprehend science either, so this isn’t even a class that I’ll enjoy. I don’t get things that I can’t see. Cells, viruses, God. You know.

Totally sidetracked. I’ve also been doing the elliptical. Since I had gone running outside on Saturday, I decided to do an hour on the elliptical earlier this week. I’m trying to alternate running and the elliptical because my joints aren’t used to long running and I don’t want to overdo this whole training thing. After an hour on the elliptical, my knees hurt. So I took a day off and did 30 minutes today because that was all of my free time. Tomorrow I’m actually doing one of those intro personal training sessions since I got it free with the gym membership. The guy totally reminds me of a guy I briefly dated last summer, which is weird.

An update on the shower: I called a plumber this week (and by that, I mean my mom called one that they use for her work). I had a really strong feeling that the water behind my shower was a leak and not just some grout issue. Sure enough, there was a pretty decent leak in the pipes leading to the faucet. I guess there must be some sort of homeowner’s intuition cause my parents kept telling me to wait awhile to see how the wall was, but I just knew there was  leak! The pipes were fixed today but my walls are still cut out while the mold dries and to let the water dry up. It smells like a basement and I had to move the litterbox to the hallway. It’ll be drywalled next week and that’ll be when I pay, I’m sure. Not a clue what this is going to cost me, but I’m not looking forward to it.

I actually do have things to talk about, but my brain is fried. I read biology all day long and then went to class and then did some homework. I’m in the middle of some lab stuff now, but Jon went to get a massage (thanks for MY massage!) so I figured I’d take advantage of quiet time. I’m cooking dinner when he gets back and cuts up my chicken (since I don’t like cutting raw meat with a splint on- gross) and we’ve been watching Orange is the New Black at night. We both passed out on the couch last night watching it, so I’m excited to watch the rest of the episode.

Okay, more effort next time. Hope all the ramblings weren’t too boring 🙂


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